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Port Operations


Port Operations at T W Logistics - Mistley

British Ports Association

T W Logistics offer Northern and Southern options for the handling of conventional cargoes shipped in coaster vessels.

This provides our customers with cost effective alternatives in order to best suit their business requirements.

TWL - Northern: Scunthorpe, using dedicated berths on the River Trent with direct links to the Humber estuary and North Sea.

TWL - Southern: Port of Mistley (owned and operated by T W Logistics Limited), handling cargoes for distribution nationwide. The port is located on the River Stour approximately 10 miles from Harwich, and is part of the Haven group of ports connecting the UK with the Southern North Sea and offering easy access to the Continent, the Baltic and the Mediterranean.

Both ports handle conventional break bulk cargoes and can accept vessels with the following restrictions: Up to 3,500 tonnes, Draft 5.0m (subject to tides - NAABSA), LOA range 120m - 130m (Larger vessels may be accepted with prior agreement).

Port Operations at T W Logistics - ScunthorpeCargoes handled by T W Logistics include:

  • Dry bulk cargoes (Ferro alloys, agri-products, industrial minerals, aggregates, recyclables and biomass)
  • Forest products
  • Steel and metals
  • Bagged, unitised and palletised cargoes

Cargoes can be stored adjacent to the port or transferred to our off dock facilities, where TWL operates extensive covered and open storage facilities.