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Short Sea Shipping

Short sea shipping is the movement of cargo by sea between European ports; Due to its strategic East coast location, the Port of Mistley is particularly suited to handle traffic from Northern Europe, with rapid seafreight times from port to port.


Short Sea Shipping


The Advantages Of Short Sea Shipping Are:

  • Providing a sustainable ‘green’ alternative to road and rail with lower CO2 emissions per tonne / kilometer carried
  • Reduces road congestion
  • Competitive prices compared with more traditional routes
  • Ability to move large volumes on relatively short timescales
  • Short sea routes allow the timely transshipment of cargoes from deep sea vessels to the UK in smaller vessels reducing the cost of port calls
  • Reduced administration requirements

The Port at Mistley can easily accommodate the size of vessels regularly trading such short sea routes including the extensive inland waterways network of Europe, and so can provide a rapid transfer of larger volumes of cargo on a ‘door to door’ basis. The port is well placed to take advantage of the particularly short sea crossing from North & continental Europe to the UK.

In the North, many of our cargoes are from the Baltic, Scandinavia and Northern Europe including France, Netherlands & Germany.

Typical goods shipped through short sea routes include bulk minerals and bottom ash, metals, fertilizers, grain and feed stuffs, salt, biomass, RDF, ferro alloys, construction materials, timber and steel.

As a port operator & logistics provider, TWL can offer the complete package, simplifying the shipment process both operationally and administratively. We work closely with ship owners, ships agents, national and international producers, manufacturers and end users to offer a full door to door service, with ‘just in time’ deliveries, combined with the availability of holding both strategic and buffer stocks, as well as organizing order consolidation to fulfil specific needs. TWL warehouses are all customs approved.

Cargo arriving at Mistley from Spain

As part of the above the following services are also available at our sites:-

  • Cargo remediation & drying for certain bulk parcels ( at Northern sites)
  • Re-palletising, labelling, shrink / stretch wrapping
  • Material bagging (at Northern sites)
  • Material screening (subject to product)
  • Rip & tip
  • Elevator tanker loading
  • Cargo weighing
Cargo of bulk ferro alloys being discharged on the River Trent