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Coastal Shipping

Recently there is a revival of shipping cargo around the UK, which offers a sustainable, viable, green & cost effective solution, particularly for bulk products. This particularly suits longer distance movements where users or producers have easy access to coastal ports or inland wharves.


Coastal Shipping


Advantages Of Coastal Shipping

  • Reducing road miles & lowering CO2 emissions
  • Reducing road congestion
  • Gaining economies of scale by transporting larger volumes quickly & efficiently over a shorter lead period
  • Improved reliability in delivery schedules for larger volume movements
  • Cost benefits over road freight
  • Availability of some grants to facilitate making the change from road to water
  • Simplifying administration and paperwork

TWL coastal shipping is centred on the UK East coast at the Port of Mistley in the south (Essex) and Scunthorpe (the River Trent / Humber region).

Areas currently served by coastal shipping routes through TWL facilities include N.E UK, Scotland, N. Ireland and Ireland. There are a range of vessels currently trading between 1000 – 3000 tonnes that undertake these types of cargo shipments around the UK.


Goods moved coastwise through TWL facilities include grain, recyclables, aggregates, salt and biomass. All the facilities are able to handle bulk, bundled and bagged products with open storage and secure covered warehousing and are equipped with a comprehensive range of plant & equipment to handle the goods, combined with the availability of a UK haulage fleet (bulk and curtain side trucks) to arrange the final stage of delivery to the end receiver.

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Coastal Shipping