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Contract Bagging & Packing


Contract Bagging and Packing

TWL operates various packing lines and bagging stations across its facilities.

Contract bagging and packing of Zircon Flour at TWLWhether the goods originate in the UK (for export or for use in the domestic market), or are imported through one of the UK's conventional or container ports, T W Logistics can provide a conveniently located packing facility, reducing expensive double handling costs.

All our sites offer extensive covered and open storage to accommodate both the raw materials and the finished packed products prior to onward distribution.

Stitched Bags Paper Valve Sacks Drum Filling Heat Sealed Bags

Examples of TWL packing lines:

  • IBC polypropylene bags (spout and open necked bags, lined and unlined) - 500kg, 1,000kg - 3,000kg
  • Plastic sacks (heat sealed, stitched and valve sacks) - 5kg - 25kg
  • Paper sacks (stitched and valve) - 5kg - 25kg
  • Drums - 10kg - 750kg

In preparation for packing, we can also offer product screening, crushing and drying. All our sites can provide re-palletising, stretch or shrink wrapping.

Cargoes that we currently bag include:

  • Ferro alloys
  • Fertilisers
  • Sands, gravels, grits and abrasives
  • Industrial minerals and refractory sands
  • Wood pellets
  • Zircon sands

Whilst powders are not currently packed, apart from on dedicated lines, we are always pleased to discuss any new volume driven campaigns.