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Grain, Feeds & Fertiliser Import - Export Facility


The Port of Mistley has a long history of handling grain. It is particularly well placed to serve the East Anglian markets, providing a cost effective route for the export of grain from the region and for the import of feeds direct from Europe or through transhipment. Goods can also be moved coastwise from the port of Mistley to Northern UK destinations.

The Port is TASCC accredited and is equipped with on- site weighbridges and sampling equipment. We work closely with cargo surveyors and inspectors to ensure that the product arrives and leaves in good condition. Grain and feeds can be stored in dedicated grain silos subject to availability, or can be delivered direct to vessel. Cargoes handled include:

  • Barley
  • Malting barley
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Feed stuffs including soya, rice, beans, peas and pulses


The Port of Mistley can handle bulk and bagged goods in coaster sized vessels, with cargoes arriving from Northern and Southern Europe, the Baltic and North Africa. Shipments up to 3000 tonnes can be accepted subject to prevailing tides.

Cargoes can be discharged for direct delivery or transferred to intermediary approved storage facilities. Bagging facilities are available subject to contract.

Our Scunthorpe warehouse can accept Non COMAH fertilizer shipments through the Trent wharf used and can offer bulk and packed goods storage, with some screening facilities available.

Grains & Fertiliser Import Export Facility