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Zircon Sand Milling & Processing


T W Logistics is a leading UK processor and logistics provider for Zircon sand and Zircon flour.

Zircon sand (ZrSiO4) is a naturally occurring mineral, used in many strategic industries. The largest global deposits are found in Australia, S. Africa but with smaller volumes in India, S.Asia, China, and W & E Africa. Zircon sand can be used directly in certain foundry applications or fine milled to produce Zircon flour.

Zircon has many widespread industrial applications including:-

  • Ceramics (tiles & sanitary ware)
  • Foundries -Precision & Investment casting moulds & linings
  • Refractory (including furnace & ladle linings)
  • Aerospace coatings
  • Fibre optics
  • Water purification
  • Abrasives

Zircon Operations

T W L specialises in receiving zircon sands (including prime calcined, standard and un-calcined) and provides a range of handling & processing services for our clients.

Zircon Milling Production

Services that we offer for Zircon sand include:-

  • Discharge & handling from ship, containers and trucks
  • Loading to trucks & containers
  • Bulk, big bag and palletised handling and storage to various parcels & grades
  • Tanker loading
  • Rip & tip
  • Sieving & screening
  • Fine grinding & milling to produce zircon flours to specific tolerances
  • UK distribution
  • Loading to containers for export

Zircon Milling & Services

Zircon Milling & Processing

Zircon flour can be produced in our dedicated milling facility at Gainsborough, in a closed loop system eliminating contamination.

  • Milling to specific tolerances as required to meet end user requirements
  • Our in-house testing which includes laser diffraction and Alpine dry sieve testing ensures that every tonne we produce will meet your specification
  • Packing is via our dedicated Zircon bagging line which is integral to the mill - Zircon flour can be supplied in bags from 25kg - 2,000kg